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Frequently Asked Questions

We have created an FAQs section for freelancers to help answer common questions.

Snapwork is a platform that connects clients who need to hire freelancers from various areas to grow their businesses.

Create your profile, ensuring your experience and skills are clearly stated. Browse through the projects available and send your proposals for projects that best suit your expertise. As soon as a employer picks you for his/her project, you can start work. Upon completion, if the employer is satisfied with your work, Snapwork will release the payment to your account for withdrawal. Find more details here.

All sorts of clients, e.g. entrepreneurs simply developing a new business idea, early-stage startups, small and medium companies and large corporations. They can all benefit from working with freelancers like you.

After you sign up and complete your profile, browse through the available projects. Find projects that suit your skills and availability. Pick a project and submit your proposal. We strongly recommend you to include details on ways you would work on the project and share your experience.

Snapwork protects your work. Once clients select you, they must make a security deposit. Snapwork holds that money while you do the work. When you deliver it and clients are satisfied, the funds are released to you and you get the payment.

Once the project is completed, the client releases the payment to you. The funds go to your Snapwork account. You can then withdraw the funds via a wire transfer, Mercado pago, PayPal or Payoneer.

Yes, Snapwork encourages clients to have long-term relationships with freelancers. In addition, thousands of new projects are published per day to which you can submit bids.

Registering with Snapwork, viewing projects, submitting bids and chatting with clients is free. However, if there is a hire you will have to pay a "service cost" that is 15%. Which will be deducted automatically from the transaction.

No, but soon we will have Snapwork App for Android and IOS.

If you have further inquiries, please contact us directly on the email below.
Email: hello@snapwork.net