How does Snapwork works ?

Thousands of freelancers are ready to start working on your project

  • 1. Post a project and get proposals

    Clients are able to post projects after login or signup on the site.

    Find freelancers to enhance your website, design your logo, develop your mobile app, write articles and do much more.

    Describe your needs

    Specify the tasks, confirm the deadline and set a budget. It’s free!

    Receive bids within minutes.

    Freelancers from all over Egypt notice your project and send their proposals right away. You can also invite the freelancers via their profiles as well.

  • 2. Freelancers bid on a project

    Freelancers can find different projects on the main page and start bidding to join the interested project by the “Bid” button. It's free

    Freelancers can also get invited by the client to "Accept" the project.

  • 3. Get in touch with freelancers, pick the best fit

    Client will review this bid in the project detail page and decide to accept or ignore this bid.

    Assess their skills and choose the one who best suits your requirements.

    Review profiles and proposals, read through their ideas, take a look at the portfolio.

    Get in touch

    Chat with the freelancers to further enquire on their skills and availability.

  • 4. Pay securely with Snapwork payment protection

    Once you've selected a freelancer, click the “Accept Bid” button on the bid list.

    Pay for the total amount of the project. Snapwork will hold the funds in escrow until the project is completed.

    Once your payment is successfully completed, you will be redirected to the confirmation page.

  • 5. Open the Workspace

    Both client and freelancer can open the workspace to have further discussion regarding the project.

    In this page, they can send a private message to each other and exchange attached files as well.

  • 6. Complete the project

    Client will review this project when the freelancer finishes.

    If the client is satisfied with this project, just click the “Finish” button and write a review for the freelancer.

    This project is now considered as Completed, the freelancer will press the “Review & Complete” button to review and rate back for the client.

What you should know?

We have more information for Clients and Freelancers, to find out more click on the links below.

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